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Trailey Services

Get Outside. Start Exploring.

Guided Hikes

Join us on a guided hike in the Texas Hill Country. We'll explore hidden gems in the metropolitan Austin area and spectacular trails within an hour of the city. Your guides will introduce you to the local flora and fauna, and also share the geological history of the area. Hikes vary in length, from 3 miles to 11 miles, and the difficulty rating is listed for each hike.  If you have questions about the difficulty level of a hike, please email us!  Prices vary based on income level, location, and duration.

Price range: $5 to $45

Camping Trips

Have you joined us for a guided hike and wanted more? Now, you got it! Join us for a weekend away from the city. We will provide itinerary, packing lists, snacks and meals, filtered water, and campsite activities. We'll teach you how to set up a safe, comfortable campsite and enjoy an evening under the stars!

You just have to show up and have fun! Rental equipment is available if you do not have any of your own.

We're happy to accommodate dietary restrictions in meals - we're gluten-sensitive ourselves and experienced in food safety protocols.  You can indicate your diet needs when you sign up.

Prices vary based on income level, location, and length. Price range: $35 to $125

Intro to Backpacking

Join us for one to two nights on a backcountry adventure and learn the skills you need to go backpacking on your own! Once you experience the peace and independence of backcountry camping, you'll be hooked! We will be doing a little hiking with a lot of hands-on learning. We'll teach you how to load your backpack, how to cook and prepare food, how to clean up, and how to set up a secure campsite.

Most of our hikes in to the campsites will be 2-3 miles with full packs. We'll plan just-for-fun activities as well as educational experiences, and delicious, nutritious meals. Once again, let us know if you have dietary restrictions ahead of time. Rental equipment will be available on these trips, as well. 

Prices vary based on income level, location, and length. Price range: $45 to $175.

Full Backpacking Adventue

This trip is for people who have been on an Intro to Backpacking trip with us.  Call it your 'graduation' backpacking trip.  We offer several options from three nights to six nights in different areas of Texas and the surrounding states. We have gear rentals available and will provide meals during the trip. Let us know about any dietary restrictions ahead of time. We also have some educational activities and other fun stuff planned!

Prices vary based on income level, location, and length. Price range: $125 to $750, excluding transportation costs.

Guided Trail Runs

We decided to offer guided trail runs for women who are visiting Austin or who are interested in getting into trail running. They range in distance from 3 miles to 10 miles and accommodate all different pace levels. We don't always schedule many of these guided trail runs, so feel free to reach out if you are in town, but don't see one posted.

Prices vary based on income level and distance. Price range: $5 to $30.


Are you training for a race or do you want to run your first race? We offer training for almost every race distances from a 5k to an ultra. We custom create training schedules to fit your needs. The training schedules are created by a USATF Certified Track & Field Coach. Prices vary based on your needs.

Private Groups

Do you already have a group of friends that are ready for an adventure? Or are you interested in something that we don't already offer? We can help plan and coordinate a weekend or a week away based on your needs and desires. Just let us know specifically what you are looking for. Prices vary based on your needs.

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